Real Estate

The real estate arm of CCC is active in Honduras only.

In the Bay Islands, Roatan 1 is a residential project of 300 units under development close to Coxen Hole, the capital of Roatan, the main island. It aims to provide affordable housing to the local middle class with the safety and convenience associated to private closed communities.

Located in the same island, Las Palmas is a large property on the ocean close to the airport. Today operates as a small hotel that also receives and entertains daily excursionists from the cruise ships. Additionally, a complex of 50 luxury houses is being developed. At the moment, 28 units have been built and sold.

We are also in the initial steps of building a large community in Choloma, the third city of Honduras and the center of the “maquila”, the vibrant light-manufacturing export industry in the North of Honduras. Ciudad Morazan will be built on an area of 50 acres, and include residences, industrial plants, office buildings and commercial spaces. We are currently building the first 100 apartments and the initial 6.000 square meters of industrial space. All the real estate will be rented, and we intend to actively manage the community after the land will be completely developed. The mission is to profitably offer to the blue-collars families of the industry adequate and affordable residential solutions. 25 sq. mts studios will be rented for 60$ per month, and 2-bedroom townhouses for 150$ per month. The entire community should host 7-8.000 people in 5 years.