Alfonso Calzadilla Beúnza

General Manager Adiuvo

Alfonso was born and raised in Oviedo, Spain. After becoming an Architect with a master’s degree in urban planning at the Universidad Politecnica of Madrid, he worked in his own practice, until he undertook a path in international cooperation in Bolivia and Peru. This road was extended to Central America in 1999, after Hurricane Mitch devastated the region, to work as technical manager of the Spanish Red Cross’ social housing programs. As a result of this professional stage, until 2004, over 4.000 houses were delivered to families affected by disasters.

During the early years in Honduras he met Mireya, his wife and mother of his son Mateo, and continued living in Tegucigalpa after, mutually exhausted, amicably ending his contract with the Red Cross. He then began to earn a living as an independent consultant, and in 2005 launched his first business venture, a consulting company, which enabled him to learn the ins and outs of business management from an SMB. During that stage, of much professional and personal growth, he began to collaborate with a Spanish consulting company, and in 2009 became its country manager. For the next four years, Alfonso successfully managed a remarkable contracts portfolio in Honduras and other Central American countries, with a high commitment to product quality, despite the frequent indifference of his bureaucrat clients.

In 2013, he was transferred to Costa Rica, and since then he lives with his family in San Jose. Shortly after moving there, with three colleagues and friends, they reached an agreement with the company for the acquisition of its subsidiary in Costa Rica, and to manage its portfolio in Latin America. That way, he returned to be an entrepreneur, once again focusing its clientele in the public sector.

In 2017, Alfonso joined 3C Group as General Manager of Adiuvo, the brand of generic medicines, challenge he is undertaking with his best effort, keeping an eye open for other possible ventures with CCC.

In San Jose, Alfonso resumed with passion, and, according to some, certain obsession, a long-time hobby: running. He proudly claims to hold the all-time CCC-team marathon record, and does not mind being told that he is the only crazy one who has run such distances. He intends to maintain the record for many years.