José Luis Fajardo

General Manager, Farmacias Farma Value El Salvador.

Born in Tegucigalpa, Honduras, married to Ana Patricia, he has two beautiful children.

With a profession in business administration, he joined Farmacias del Ahorro in 2005.

I started very young, with just 21 years. He started in the customer service position, quickly in 3 months he was promoted as Administrative Assistant, at this stage full of great enthusiasm, the only thing he was clear about is that he did not know anything about administration, but little by little he absorbed all the learning given 6 months passed, when he was promoted as Junior Administrative Manager, in the City of Puerto Cortés (North Zone) Honduras. A couple of years later he was promoted to the next level, Area Manager, the position because he demanded more responsibilities and commitments in which he developed and grew.

At 3C we have accelerated and solid growth, opening in 2012 the opportunity for Country Manager, since that year and to date José Luis has been assigned to El Salvador, where he continues to deliver solid and successful results.

After 15 years of learning, growing and hard work, José Luis is very happy to be part of the team.